Module 1: Diligence

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In this crucial first step, we are going to complete your personal and professional information intake for diligence purposes via our Lateral Partner Questionnaire (“LPQ”). It feels like a lot of information, but should go by pretty quickly.

In this form, you will be asked to upload the first pass of your Existing Client & Matter Information spreadsheet, which can be found under the Materials tab above as well as in Step 1, with just enough information for us to run Critical Conflicts.  As you go through onboarding, the goal is to fill this sheet out in its entirety to open your client files, so be sure to keep your working copy handy after submitting this first version.

TIP: You can “save & continue” in the LPQ, in the event you are unable to complete in the first pass. This may be helpful if you are not done with your Critical Conflicts sheet prior to completing the questionnaire.

A few other routine matters, and this module will conclude with the execution of your Partnership Agreement (yay!), at which point the remaining modules will be unlocked for you to view. Once that is executed, you will book your onboarding call with Tracey Watson, and are off to the races!

As always, reach out with any questions, or refer back to your Partner Handbook (also linked under the Materials tab).